Premium Tile & Grout Cleaning


Original Beauty

Tile and Natural Stone is a beautiful feature in many modern kitchens, bathrooms and entrance ways. The cleanliness of your flooring or shower does need to be cared for as it can become soiled or dulled with daily use, particularly in high traffic zones.

Grime Patrol Has You Covered!

Our Certified Tile and Stone Cleaning Technicians avoid damage to your tile and grout’s surface and the sealants we apply will keep them looking clean and protected. It’s deep cleaning and long lasting protection combined!

Manufactured Tile and Natural Stone both have suitable methods and products that are recommended when cleaning. Our technicians know which unique products to use to clean your floors or shower walls. We’ll leave you with beautifully clean floors and a safer living space to enjoy for you and your guests.

Grout Colour Sealing

Colour sealing your grout is the perfect way to give your floor a brand new look without hefty replacement costs. There are a variety of colour options available to suite your living space.

Have any questions? Contact us now and ask about our Residential and Commercial Tile Cleaning and Colour Sealing Services.


Deep Clean Your Tile, Stone And Grout

At Grime Patrol, we use a very thorough 10 step process for cleaning and protecting Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone Tiling. We also clean and maintain VCT (Vinyl Commercial Tile) and Hardwood flooring for our clients. All Vinyl Commercial Tile should be Stripped (if needed), Sealed, and at least 3 coats of Wax Finish should be applied.

Properly maintained tiling will not only give you healthier living and working environment, it keeps your floors looking great for all to notice! 


Shine and Protect?