Premium Shower Restorations


Shower Restorations

Showers are used on a daily basis. When they aren’t cleaned properly or regularly maintained, they don’t offer much in terms of cleanliness and comfort. A buildup of soap scum and hard water deposits along with bacteria and mould growth often necessitates a professional cleaning.

Using professional tools, methods and high quality cleaning products, we’ll achieve excellent cleaning results for your entire shower.

Some health problems brought on by mould include: Respiratory illness or asthma, watery itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, headaches, skin rashes, and persistent sinus problems. Not to mention a clean shower always feels nice to step into.

During our qualifying inspection, our technicians will let you know if your shower is a good candidate for a restoration or if there are any major issues of concern. We won’t do any deep cleaning or restoration methods if your shower’s structure is in jeopardy or if there is water beneath the floor.


Save You Thousands

Our proven Restoration process uses a combination of restorative cleaning methods and mould remediation. We use a mixture of high temperature steam, cleaning solutions and tools which all attribute to Grime Patrol being the very best Shower Restoration partner in Durham region!

Sometimes grout can become so stained it won’t respond to cleaning. In these cases we offer Colour Sealing which is a great cost effective option to get your grout looking new again.  Ask us today about our Colour Sealing options for your shower!


Shine and Protect?